Nordson Side-by-Side Two-Component Cartridges

Nordson EFD offers a wide selection of high-quality Side x Side cartridges which are used for packaging adhesives and sealants. A complete Nordson dispensing system consists of the cartridge, static mixer and a dispensing gun. Cartridges are available in the following volumes: 50 ml, 200 ml, 300 ml, 400 ml, 600 ml and 1,500 ml. Ratios include 1:1, 2:1, 4:1 and 10:1. Cartridges are made from polypropylene (PP) or nylon. Two-component materials are used in automotive, construction, industrial, medical, dental and numerous other applications. Cartridges come in open-end and closed-end versions. Several different piston styles are available including the "AF" air-free.

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Nordson EFD Side-by-Side Dual Cartridges

50 ml Cartridges (Nominal Volume)
Part # (PP)Part # (Nylon)PartVolumeRatioDescription
70157247362026Cartridge50mL1:1Open-End Cartridge w/Retainer & Plug
77026197702621Cartridge50mL1:1Closed-End Cartridge w/Protective Cap
7704061 Piston 1:1AF Air Free Piston, (PE/PBT)
7702687 Piston 1:1EPDM+ O-Ring Piston (Short)
77026927702698Piston 1:1EPDM O-Ring Piston (Tall)
77027027702704Piston 1:1Multi-seal Piston w/Pre-staged Center Bleed Plug
77026927702895Cartridge50mL2:1Open-End Cartridge w/Retainer & Plug
7702627 Cartridge50mL2:1Closed-End Cartridge w/Protective Cap
77027057702709Piston 2:1EPDM O-Ring Piston (Large side)
77027057702709Piston 4:1EPDM O-Ring Piston (Large side)
77027057702709Piston 10:1EPDM O-Ring Piston (Large side)
77027147702717Piston 2:1EPDM O-Ring Piston (Small side)
77028967702898Cartridge42mL4:1Open-End Cartridge w/Retainer & Plug
77027217702725Piston 4:1EPDM O-Ring Piston (Small side)
77029007702902Cartridge37mL10:1Open-End Cartridge w/Retainer & Plug
77027287702732Piston 10:1EPDM O-Ring Piston (Small side)
200 ml Cartridges (Nominal Volume)
7703001 Cartridge215mL1:1Open-End Cartridge w/Installed Nose Plug & 3/8" Nut
7703004 Cartridge215mL1:1Open-End Cartridge w/Installed Nose Plug & 1/2" Nut
77029427702947Cartridge215mL1:1Closed-End Cartridge w/Protective Cap
7704307 Piston 1:1AF Air Free Piston, (PE/PBT)
7702744*7702745*Piston 1:1Multi-seal Piston w/Pre-staged Bleed Plug
77029507015947Cartridge222mL2:1Closed-End Cartridge w/Protective Cap
7702672* Piston 2:1Solid Multi-seal Piston (Small side)
7702674* Piston 2:1Solid Multi-seal Piston (Large side)
7702752*7015948Piston 2:1Multi-seal Piston w/Pre-staged Bleed Plug (Small side)
7702754*7015949Piston 2:1Multi-seal Piston w/Pre-staged Bleed Plug (Large side)
300 ml Cartridges (Nominal Volume)
77029567702961Cartridge323mL1:1Closed-End Cartridge w/Protective Cap
7704307 Piston 1:1AF Air Free Piston, (PE/PBT)
7702664*7702665*Piston 1:1Solid Multi-seal Piston
7702744*7702745*Piston 1:1Multi-seal Piston w/Pre-staged Bleed Plug
400 ml Cartridges (Nominal Volume)
7703011 Cartridge406mL1:1Open-End Cartridge w/Installed Nose Plug & 3/8” Nut
77030137028234*Cartridge406mL**1:1Open-End Cartridge w/Installed Nose Plug & 1/2” Nut
77029657702968Cartridge406mL1:1Closed-End Cartridge w/Protective Cap
7702677*7702678*Piston 1:1Solid Multi-seal Piston
7702757*7702759*Piston 1:1Multi-seal Piston w/Pre-staged Bleed Plug
600 ml Cartridges (Nominal Volume)
7702971 Cartridge630mL1:1Closed-End Cartridge w/Protective Cap
7702684* Piston 1:1Solid Multi-seal Piston
7702765* Piston 1:1Multi-seal Piston w/Pre-staged Bleed Plug
1500 ml Cartridges (Nominal Volume)
7703811 Cartridge1500mL1:1Closed-End Cartridge w/Protective Cap
7704044 (PE) Piston 1:1Solid Multi-seal Piston

*These multi-seal pistons are available with O-rings.
**Max volume on 400mL Open-End Nylon is 400mL

Cartridge System Outlet Options

Open End Outlet

  • Pre-assembled with traditional nose plugs and retaining nuts
  • Many can be molded in polypropylene (PP) or nylon
  • See specific cartridge descriptions or contact EFD tor material options

Hermetically-sealed Closed End Outlet

  • Features a patented “pry-off” closure
  • Molded in one operation
  • Cost-effective alternative to open end cartridges




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